• AB 617 Community Air Monitoring
    Community Air Monitoring is being conducted in selected communities as part of the AB 617 program. The locations and types of pollutants being monitored is unique to each community and was determined through close collaboration with stakeholders. Data collected from air monitoring can provide valuable information about sources of air pollution, types of pollutants, and air quality impacts in AB 617 communities. Monitoring data resulting from the implementation of the Community Air Monitoring Plans (or CAMPs) can be used to support and track air quality actions prioritized by the community to reduce local exposure to harmful air pollutants.
    Main Goals & Objectives
    • To help provide critical information used to guide investigations or provide public information
    • To expand South Coast AQMD’s understanding of air quality priorities in AB 617 communities
    • To support the development and implementation of emission reduction strategies and enforcement actions designed to improve local air quality and reduce exposure
    • To complement and enhance existing South Coast AQMD and community-led programs
    Types of Monitoring and Data Reporting
    • Continuous monitors – near real-time (within an hour)
    • Time-integrated samples – summary reports (several days to weeks)
    • Mobile surveys – summary reports (several days to weeks)
    CAMP Highlights
    • Will provide new information about air pollution at the community level
    • Monitoring will be done in areas of concern identified by the selected communities
    • Areas selected for monitoring reflect the air quality priorities in AB 617 communities
    • Many types of monitoring equipment will be used, from advanced techniques to low-cost sensors
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