Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a trusted source of high quality California-based greenhouse gas credits to keep investments, jobs, and benefits in-state, through an Exchange with integrity, transparency, low transaction costs and exceptional customer service.

Core Values and Operating Principles

Quality California Credits: Participating air districts will only quantify credits for projects in California that follow protocols approved by the CAPCOA Board. Properly trained or certified air district staff or individuals that are CARB- certified, if applicable, will provide third-party verification of credit projects.

Collaboration: Participating air districts will work together to create and maintain an Exchange bulletin board that lists all available credits registered under respective air districts.

Integrity: The Exchange services will be provided with the utmost integrity so our customers can be confident that the credits they are providing, purchasing, or using are of the highest quality possible.

Security: The Exchange will be built with stringent measures to ensure that projects and trades are tracked carefully so credits are accurately issued and are used (or retired) only one time.

Transparency: Information on all aspects of the Exchange will be fully disclosed and easy to obtain to foster trust and respect.

Low Transaction Costs: The Exchange will seek to keep transaction and other costs as low as possible.

Excellent Customer Service: The Exchange, through its local air district network, will provide outstanding customer service to be responsive to customers needs and suggestions.

Protocol Development: Air Districts are encouraged to develop credit protocols that will result in GHG reductions that are real, quantifiable, additional, verifiable, enforceable and permanent.

What's New

Protocol Development

New protocols were approved in 2015/2016/2017:

Biochar Production Project Reporting & Addendum(Placer County APCD)
Voluntary Emission Reductions in Rice Management Systems (ACR)
Rice Cultivation Project Protocol (ACR)
Compliance Offset Protocol Rice Cultivation Projects (CARB)
Weatherization of Single and Multi-Family Homes (VCS)
Coastal Wetlands Creation (VCS)
Deltaic Wetlands Creation (ACR)
U.S. Livestock (CAR)
Updated Organic Waste Digestion Version 2.1(CAR)
Optional Composting Facility component-Grazed Grasslands Protocol (ACR-MCP)

Case-by-Case credits

Case-by-case credits listed on the Rx can be presumed to be accepted by the District that issued the credits. Other Districts should be consulted about accepting such credits before purchase. More information about how CAPCOA will treat existing and future case-by-case credits is available here.

About US

Welcome to the CAPCOA GHG Rx. This site provides information on GHG credit projects within participating air districts. Credits available under the Exchange may be used to mitigate GHG emissions for CEQA or NEPA purposes or other applicable uses.

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