The GHG credits listed on this website, CAPCOA GHG Rx, were validated and approved for listing by an air district of CAPCOA. The district validation means that the particular district concluded the GHG credits met the CAPCOA protocol for such credits. Neither CAPCOA nor the district make any representations, warranties or guarantees of any kind as to the use or applicability of any GHG credit listed on the CAPCOA GHG Rx for any specific project, program, plan, compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA; Pub. Res. Code § 21000 et seq. and 14 CCR § 15000 et seq.), or for any other use. Please note that if a GHG credit listed on the CAPCOA GHG Rx is proposed to be used as part of a CEQA mitigation measure, the respective CEQA lead agency for the subject project is responsible for determining if the use of such GHG credits as mitigation is appropriate, and satisfies its project conditions and other applicable requirements. CAPCOA GHG Rx only lists available GHG credits so that interested parties may make private inquiries into obtaining those GHG credits. CAPCOA does not offer any other services beyond this listing service. The listing of GHG credits by CAPCOA shall in no way create a property right.